Space Density Theory


I’ve had this theory for at least 3 years now. I wanted to post it on the internet before someone else thinks of it so at least I will have documented that I thought of this concept first.

Space Density Theory

    The Fabric of Space

  • Space is not null. If it was then the distace between 2 objects would be 0, thus they would be adjacent.
  • Fields are maintained in space – Gravitational, Electromagnetical and others. If space were empty/null then a field could not reside within it.

Since we can logically infer that space isn’t empty/null we can also logically infer that there is a possibility that space fabric can be compressed. We assume that the fabric of space has equal density but my theory is that the fabric of space varies in density in relation to gravity. In fact, it could be that the effects of gravity have to do with the density of space.

To be continued…


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